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EHS Students Showcase their Work to Industry Leaders

Everett High School (EHS) STEM Academy students had the prestigious honor of displaying and discussing their work at the Massachusetts Applied Learning Showcase at the TRACK at new balance on Friday, May 10, 2024.

Nearly 1,000 students and 400 industry partners gathered to celebrate innovative work and creative ideas. Everett’s students discussed their team projects with STEM professionals and received real-world, applicable feedback. Three groups from Dr. Anna Seiders’ Engineering Design and Development capstone course presented their senior projects. A fourth group, students in Dr. Seiders’ Principles of Engineering and Civil Engineering and Architecture class, also participated. 

Highlights included:

• Seniors Kirtsy Hall and Gurkiran Kaur presented their capstone project. The pair developed a solution to reduce micropipette tip waste, a problem they first thought about in an EHS biotechnology class. Their invention was modeled on a salad spinner that included a part made with a 3D printer; the device holds micropipette tips, which are cleaned by a spinning device and bleach solution.

• Seniors Nilabhro Pal, Emerson Pineda Chacon, and Fausto Paniagua presented their work on making biodegradable golf balls. They designed a kit that would allow golfers to make golf balls out of 100% biodegradable materials. 

• Seniors Sushant Shrestha and Simran Tamang identified air pollution in Nepal as a serious problem that affects the daily lives of residents, in the form of increased asthma and lung-related health problems. In response, they developed a window screen that uses activated carbon to help reduce the air particles passing through a window. This, in turn, decreases exposure to harmful PM2.5 particles.

• Sophomores Gabriel Flores and Josue Lara showcased the robot they made during a Project Lead The Way Principles of Engineering course. Participating students were tasked with creating a robot to compete against other robots in tug-of-war. Gabriel and Josue’s robot has proven tough to beat, as it pulls approximately 20 Newtons and can drag a heavy backpack across the ground.

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