McCourty Gives Priceless Advice To EHS Students Patriots Great Takes Part in 2024 Financial Literacy Fair

Former New England Patriots great Devin McCourty proved as adept at delivering an important message to students as he was intercepting errant passes when he served as the featured speaker at Everett High School’s Financial Literacy Fair.

“I could not have been more impressed with Mr. McCourty’s message, communication skills, and relatability,” said Superintendent William Hart. “He spoke with passion and intelligence in helping us emphasize financial literacy among our high school students.”

The fair was a collaborative effort between Everett High School (EHS) and Stickball, a technology platform that fosters financial literacy and workforce readiness. The event, held on April 24, 2024, showcased the school’s dedication to empowering students by providing them with crucial financial skills.

McCourty spoke to EHS students inside the Center for the Performing Arts. State Senator Sal DiDomenico and State Representative Joseph McGonagle joined Superintendent Hart and EHS Principal Dennis Lynch in welcoming McCourty to Everett. EHS Math Department Chair David Babineau organized the Financial Literacy Fair, while EHS social studies teacher Carolynn MacWilliam had the honor of introducing McCourty, a three-time Super Bowl winner bound for the Patriots Hall of Fame.

McCourty’s address and question-and-answer session helped hammer home important financial concepts and skills, such as budgeting, saving, and investing. The current NBC Sports personality is an advisor to Stickball, which offers its users with innovative and interactive financial literacy tools and lessons.

“Financial literacy is crucial for our youth to succeed in today’s economy,” said Sen. DiDomenico. “I am proud to see Everett High School partnering with Stickball to educate their students on these important skills.”

McCourty spoke candidly about the time and effort he devoted to learning how to make smart, long-term financial decisions. He implored the students to seek the good advice and ask questions. He wisely cautioned the students that “good intentions are not necessarily the same as good financial planning.”

He added, “I wish I had somebody come to me in 2010 when I got drafted talking about financial literacy…when I was growing up, we didn’t have classes for financial literacy or tools like Stickball.”

Beginning in April, EHS students received access to the Stickball financial literacy app, which is filled interactive lessons and personalized guidance that boost financial literacy. As the students complete modules on the Stickball app, they are entered into a raffle to win items signed by McCourty on April 24.

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