Rogers Asks DeMaria To Consider Old EHS for Classroom Space

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Councilor-at-Large Katy Rogers has corresponded with Mayor Carlo DeMaria in a letter requesting that the city’s chief executive consider using the old Everett High School building as a public school to “address the pressing needs for a middle school in our community.”

Rogers joined five of her Council colleagues in voting against an appropriation of $11.4 million for repairs to the roof of the old EHS building, stating that she wanted a more definitive plan about the future use of the building. Some councilors, including Rogers, have expressed concerns about the overcrowding in Everett schools and believe the old EHS building could address that issue with its available classroom space.

Rogers provided a copy of her letter to the Everett Independent which follows:

Dear Mayor Carlo DeMaria,

I am writing to encourage you to consider utilizing Old Everett High School (EHS) as a public school, specifically to address the pressing need for a middle school in our community. The current shortage of classroom space has led to overcrowding in existing schools, adversely affecting the quality of education and the well-being of our students.

Old EHS offers a unique opportunity to address this issue, with a full restoration potentially yielding 26 classrooms on the 2nd floor, 36 classrooms on the 3rd floor, an auditorium, and a cafeteria. Its central location would ensure accessibility for students citywide, making it an ideal choice for repurposing as a middle school. Not only would this alleviate overcrowding, but it would also provide students and teachers with access to an updated facility conducive to a productive learning environment, while preserving the building’s historic significance and contributing to the revitalization of Broadway.

Despite the challenges we may face, I am confident that we can continue to support essential programs like the Elliot Family Resource Center, the Wellness Center, and the Webster School extension in tandem with prioritizing the education of Everett students. Therefore, I implore you to explore the possibility of utilizing Old Everett High School as a middle school. Our students deserve a quality education, and I am confident we can turn this vision into a reality to address the urgent need for classroom space.


Katy Rogers


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