PCSS Student Reunited With Canadian Police Officers Who Helped Save His Life After Shooting

A year ago, a joyful visit with relatives turned tragic when Sandrick Jorcelin was shot while traveling in a car with his uncle and other family members just outside Montreal. They were returning from his aunt’s birthday party when a car pulled up alongside and opened fire. Sandrick was hit multiple times and if it weren’t for quick action by local police officers to administer medical treatment at the scene, he would have died.

This week, those same police officers traveled all the way to Everett to visit Sandrick at his school, the Pioneer Charter School of Science. The officers, Olivier Riopel and Melissa Fontaine spent time with Sandrick and fellow classmates. The school community has rallied around Sandrick to provide support as he continues to recover. Sandrick, 15, is a 9th grader at PCSS I in Everett.

“Sandrick has become a role model and a leader at the school,” Sanela Jonuz, PCSS Principal, said. “We were all horrified when this happened to Sandrick and his family, but he has shown an amazing amount of resilience and courage since coming back to school. Being able to spend time with the police officers who helped save his life was really emotional for all of us.”

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