From the City Council Monday Night Meeting

City Council Observes Moment of Silence in Honor of Former Resident Betty Lakey-Smith

At the request of Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Matewsky, the City Council observed a moment of silence in memory of Betty Lakey-Smith at the start of the Council meeting Monday.

Mrs. Smith was the mother of former state representative Stephen “Stat” Smith and the grandmother of Councilor-at-Large Stephanie Smith.

“Betty Lakey-Smith, who resided in Florida for the last five or six years, passed away on April 26 at the age of 88,” said Councilor Matewsky. “She was a wonderful person, somebody who was so kind. As a matter of fact, when I had my heart attack [in Florida] two years ago, she resided in Fort Lauderdale. I was in the hospital for 31 days, and she came every single day and I’ll never forget that.”

Matewsky said that Mrs. Smith served on the board of directors of two museums in Fort Lauderdale and was a popular host at a well-known restaurant.

“My condolences to the family, and I ask that you stand in a moment of silence,” concluded Matewsky.

Councilor Nguyen Requests Installation of Speed Bump at Busy Intersection

Call it “City Council teamwork.”

Ward 5 Councilor Vivian Nguyen requested at Monday night’s council meeting that a speed bump be constructed at the intersection of Kinsman Street, Bradford Street, and Park Road.

Nguyen said she had initially brought up the issue prior to the winter season, but asked for reconsideration, “since this intersection does have a lot of complaints on speedy cars, and it is a five-way shaped intersection.” 

Nguyen requested that the matter be referred to the entire Traffic Commission. But Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Matewsky, acting as a good-intentioned Council colleague, politely suggested that the matter would be addressed more expeditiously if it were referred directly to Police Sgt. Joe Gaff and Police Chief Steven Mazzie “to take immediate action since it is a public safety issue.”

Matewsky noted that the Traffic Commission meets once a month, so “a referral to Sgt. Gaff and Chief Mazzie would get better results.”

Nguyen wasted no time in heeding Matewsky’s suggestion and immediately referred the matter to the sergeant and the police chief.

The Council unanimously approved Nguyen’s motion.

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