McGonagle Meets With City and DCR for “Greening the Gateway Cities” Campaign

Last week, Rep. Joe McGonagle met with the City Conservation Agent Tom Philbin as well as staff from the Department of Conservation and Recreation to explore DCR’s “Greening the Gateway Cities” campaign, “an environmental and energy efficiency program designed to reduce household heating and cooling energy use by increasing tree canopy cover in urban residential areas in the state’s Gateway Cities.” McGonagle met with City officials to discuss the best ways to implement the program in Everett. As a Gateway City, Everett is eligible to participate in the program, where trees will be planted around the city and residents can also call to request a tree be planted at their property completely free of charge. The program plants trees (ranging from 6ft to 10ft tall) with a goal of covering 5% of the target neighborhoods in new tree canopy cover. Trees are planted by DCR Bureau of Forestry and Urban & Community Forestry crews hired from local communities.

“I think this in an incredible program and we’re so lucky to have access to it in Everett,” said McGonagle. “As I’ve learned, this isn’t just a greening initiative to bring more trees into densely populated cities, it’s also an effective tool at increasing energy efficiency and savings in both the winter and summer months. In the summer, trees provide more shade and increased transpiration which help lower the ground temperature and provide relief from the heat. In the winter, they act as an obstacle that randomizes wind patterns, protecting poorly insulated homes. Of course, they also provide increased oxygen flow, habitats for wildlife and add to the beautification of urban areas. I’m grateful to DCR and their partners, as well as our own crews here in Everett for making this possible. I encourage everyone to check out the program and get their own tree planted.”

Those interested in Everett, Chelsea or Revere can call 617-626-1459 to speak with a DCR forester and have them come to your property to assess where and what species of tree will be most beneficial and energy efficient. Trees are provided free of charge and DCR crews will plant the trees for you. To receive a tree, you must agree to a two-year watering commitment to ensure the tree’s survival.

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