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Chronicle’s Ted Reinstein Comes to the Parlin Library

In honor of Black History Month, on Thursday, February 9th at 7:00 pm, the Parlin Library will host Mr. Ted Reinstein, of WCVB’s Chronicle, for a discussion of his book, Before Brooklyn: The Unsung Heroes Who Helped Break Baseball’s Color Barrier.

Mr. Reinstein will discuss the unknown heroes who fought segregation in baseball, communist newspaper reporters, Pullman car porters and the black newspapers who reached the homes of people of color throughout the United States to support the integration of baseball. He reminds us that the first black player in professional baseball was not Jackie Robinson but Moses Fleetwood Walker in 1884, and that there was a time when integrated teams were not unusual. But segregation in the United States deepened and the exclusion of people of color in baseball became the norm.

Ted Reinstein has been a reporter for “Chronicle,” WCVB-TV/Boston’s award-winning—and America’s longest-running, locally-produced—nightly news magazine since 1997. He has been a contributor for the station’s political roundtable show and sits on WCVB’s editorial board. He is also the author of New England Notebook and Wicked Pissed.

Join us for a celebration of Black History, American History and the Boys of Summer.

City Census Will be Arriving at Homes in the Coming Weeks

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the Election Commission Office would like to remind residents that the City of Everett annual census will arrive at homes in the coming weeks. Once you receive your census form, please review your household’s census, make any necessary changes and return the form either in-person or by mail in the provided return envelope to the Election Commission Office in City Hall at 484 Broadway, Room 10.

If you are a new occupant of a residence, use the form addressed to your address and update it with your information, as you are the current resident. Please be aware that this office protects your rights by never giving out any telephone numbers, so please include your phone number on the form in case there are any questions about your household.

You are required to respond if you are a resident of Everett, whether you are a voter or not. Every person in your household should be listed, including all children and non-U.S. citizens. This is an essential function of the City regarding state funding as well as keeping your name listed as active on the voting lists.

This year, in your census envelope, you will also find the following:

• 2023 Vote by Mail Applications

Each sheet will have four applications to accommodate up to four voters per household.

• Dog License Applications

If you have not received a census form by February 1, please contact the Election Commission at either 617-394-2296 or 617-394-2297 to have one mailed to you.

Tax Preparation at The Connolly Center

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, the Office of Human Services and Council on Aging are pleased to announce their partnership with ABCD for free tax preparation for those that are income eligible. Tax preparation takes place every Thursday at the Connolly Center (90 Chelsea St.) from 9am until 4pm. You must make an appointment with ABCD by calling 781-321-2501. If you earned less than $60,000 in 2022 and meet the requirements, you are eligible for this program. You must bring with you a valid ID, Social Security cards, all 1099 forms or unemployment forms, all your W2 forms, proof of health insurance, any child care expenses (if it applies to you), any student loans, bank-issued printed account and routing numbers for direct deposit and any mail from the Department of Revenue or the IRS (if applicable). For additional information, please call 617-394-2270 to be connected to the Connolly Center.

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