Councilor Matewsky Wants One Parking Space Per Apartment for All Future Developments

Ward 1 City Councilor Wayne Matewsky is requesting that the Planning Department and the Zoning Board of Appeals adopt a policy that will require at least one parking space per apartment for all future developments in Everett.

Matewsky spoke in detail about his proposal during Monday’s Council meeting. Matewsky offered various developments where he believes more parking spaces are needed for residents.

“I want to see what happens at the 600 Broadway Building where there are 36 spots for 84 units,” said Matewsky. “I want to see how that works out.”

The councillor also spoke about the shortage of parking spaces on Paris Street where he is a resident.

“A man buys a two-family duplex for $1 million, where Paris Street meets Bailey Street, and he wants to put 20 units there, with six parking spots. The neighborhood can’t accept that,” claimed Matewsky. “Let’s be real here. We have to provide parking. Bike racks are not going to cut it, instead of parking spots, for me.”

Council President Michael Marchese asked Matewsky if he would consider adding all councilors in support of his proposal and sending it to the Planning Department and the Board of Appeals.

“I’d been honored if my colleagues would support me,” concluded Matewsky.

The motion was adopted unanimously by the Council.

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