Domestic Violence Awareness Vigil Held at Everett Police Station

Special to the Independent

In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Everett Police Department, Portal To Hope and local clergy leaders joined with fellow community members for the Faith And Blue event at the Everett Police Station.

All who attended the Faith and Blue event and participated in the domestic violence awareness vigil inside the Everett Police Station.
Bishop Robert Brown from Zion Church Ministries speaking to attendees.
Deb Fallon, founder of Portal To Hope, speaking to attendees.
Everett Police Chief Steve Mazzie speaking to attendees.

A vigil was held in remembrance of people whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence crime. The names and tragic stories of 17 victims from various communities were read aloud for all to hear to show that this is a problem that takes on many forms, affects every community and can happen to any family or in any relationship. It takes a community effort to one day ending domestic violence, and it starts with increasing awareness and learning more about what we can all do together. Learn more about Portal To Hope and their cause at

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