Katy Rogers-Inspired Outdoor TheaterProject Is Completed at Wehner Park

When the pandemic hit Everett hard two years ago, Katy Rogers proposed the construction of an outdoor movie theater at Wehner Park as a recreational option during times when social distancing regulations were in effect.

The work at the park is now complete and outdoor movie events for Everett families will be coming to a theater near you, as the famous saying goes.

Everett resident Katy Rogers (left) stands adjacent to the new outdoor movie theater trellis that has been installed at Wehner Park.

“I am pleased to share that the installation of a movie theater trellis measuring 10 feet tall has been completed at Wehner Park,” said Rogers, an award-winning photographer and artist and a lifelong Everett resident.

Rogers explained the inspiration for her unique idea.

“The concept for an outdoor movie theater came to mind in 2020, as a creative response to social distancing,” said Rogers.

 Rogers expressed her gratitude to the Everett Cultural Council for sponsoring the project, Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s office for its coordination, and the Everett DPW for the labor and installation. She also offered special thanks to Andy Hunt, director of public grounds and maintenance “for his attention to detail.”

Rogers noted that the theater at Wehner Park stretches over the path on site, allowing people to walk through it, giving it an interactive element. She added that flowering vines have already been painted along the posts and will grow throughout the fall season.

“The screen is detachable, transforming the structure into a theater for community movie nights,” said Rogers. “I encourage the community to use it to display their own projects as well.”

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