Boating and Drinking Don’t Mix

A national news headline caught our attention recently:

“Five people, including four from the same family, died in a boating collision on Saturday along a river popular with boaters outside Savannah, Ga., the authorities said. Four other people were injured, including one who was charged with operating a boat while under the influence.”

This story, coming at the start of the summer season, should serve as a sober reminder (pun intended) that alcohol consumption on a boat is never a good idea.

For far too many boaters and their guests, heavy drinking and boating go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately however, the proverbial “booze cruise” all too often ends up with tragic consequences.

Boating under the influence — BUI — is every bit as dangerous as DUI (driving under the influence) and also is a criminal offense.

We urge all of our readers who are either boat owners or their guests to ensure that someone on board will be a designated “sober sailor” in order to avoid becoming another sad, grim statistic.

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