Ukrainian and American Pain – We Must Unplug from Russia and China

Dr. Glenn Mollette

America is no longer buying energy or vodka from Russia. Russians can no longer buy a McDonald’s hamburger. They can’t pay for their gasoline with a Visa, Mastercard or even an American Express card.  One thousand Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants have ceased operations in Russia. How tough can life become?

For a better picture of a tough life watch some of the news clips played daily on most television stations. See what the Russians are doing each day to Ukraine. Hospitals are bombed. Babies are murdered. Cities no longer exist. Tens of thousands have been killed by the Russian army. 

Speculations continue to be expressed among politicians and journalists that Russia may be guilty of war crimes. This seems like a bad joke. Russia has been guilty of war crimes from day one. They don’t care who they kill or how they kill the innocent people of Ukraine. They will use any kind of bomb or chemical to accomplish President Vladimir Putin’s evil whim to bring Ukraine under Russian rule. They will even accept weapons from China.

Hopefully we will never buy another thing from Russia. In the meantime, the remnant still battling the Russian Army needs the full support of NATO in weapons, money and humanitarian aid. Sadly, for the thousands who have already been killed it’s too little too late. 

While we are unplugging trade with Russia we must act accordingly toward China. China is not our friend. Just like Russia, we have made China rich with billions of dollars in trade each year. Plus, America is in debt, over a trillion dollars, to China. Stores across America must put American businesses back to work by buying as many American made products as possible. China has been eyeing Taiwan the same way Russia has been eyeing Ukraine. If Russia successfully takes Ukraine and can survive the aftermath look for China to invade Taiwan. China will then control most of the chips made that runs our cars, phones and computers. 

The next scenario is what happens to us when Russia and China combine their efforts toward the United States? Are we able to withstand an attack from Russia and China? It’s more than we want to comprehend today. This is why we must become energy independent. Why not use our gas, oil and coal until we have the infrastructure in place to run electric cars? 

In my local community of 250,000 people, I do not know of one electric car charging station. Local car dealers say it will be two to three years before they will have electric cars to sell. Most American communities are the same and we need time for the infrastructure to catch up. In the meantime, we should use the resources we have to run our country independently.

Gasoline prices and inflation are hurting America but consider what Russia is doing to Ukraine. Americans will survive the pain at the pump if America will go back to our own sources to supply our needs.

Glenn Mollette is the publisher of Newburgh Press, Liberty Torch and various other publishing imprints; a national columnist –  American Issues and Common Sense opinions, analysis, stories and features appear each week In over 500 newspapers, websites and blogs across the United States.

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