Everett Celebrates Black History Month

Special to the Independent

To commemorate 2022 Black History Month within the City of Everett, our focus will be on increasing the positive health outcomes of our Black residents. In celebratory, interactive, and safe ways we will partner with local agencies, City departments, and churches to enhance the health and wellness opportunities available to our City’s residents.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s three-point diversity, equity, and inclusion platform: Engage. Educate. Elevate will undergo efforts to promote health access and equity for the 2022 Black History Month commemoration. The latest data provided for the City, by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, shows that’s Everett’s Black residents have the lowest Covid-19 vaccination rates. With the rate of infection on the rise, it is imperative that we support efforts to increase vaccination rates throughout all of our communities. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on communities of color, it is time to recommit to strengthening a culture of health.

Addressing health inequity has been a concern of the City, and this Administration long before the impact of Covid-19. In 2015, Everett received the prestigious Culture of Health Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and worked with several agencies to promote health and wellbeing as it related to police/citizen relations, immigrant access and inclusion, and economic stability. This work was done recognizing the lens that race and race relations have on health indicators and outcomes. While the work hasn’t stopped over the years, placing an emphasis on health and wellbeing for Black History Month of 2022 is fitting and has potential to have a lasting impact for the City’s Black Residents.

During February of 2022, in commemoration of Black History Month, we will engage, educate, and elevate by having city departments join together with community partners to present and sponsor events around the theme of health and wellness. We are moving forward with Mayor DeMaria’s agenda to make the City’s resources more accessible and inclusive to all residents by either bringing the events to locations to locations of community partners or utilizing City of Everett spaces that have been underutilized by targeted groups. 

This month, our work will highlight and promote the Everett Health and Wellness Center under the leadership of Kahlea Brown, Owner/ Personal Trainer of P.L.A.Y Fit Labs along with one of the month-long activities. Please note all in person events will meet the City’s health and safety protocols (with registration, screening, social distancing required) or the event will take place online. Visitwww.CityofEverett.com for more information!

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