Caritas Communities Goes Solar in Everett

Non-profit housing provider Caritas Communities, has partnered with locally-based Sunwealth, a clean energy investment firm, to install solar arrays on two Everett properties housing low-income individuals. Together, these two installations will produce 1,346,598 kWh of clean energy of their lifetime and generate $53,864,000 in energy cost savings for Caritas Communities.

This is part of Caritas’s larger solar installation project, with additional solar arrays installed in Arlington, Melrose, Salem, and Boston.

“We know that Climate Change disproportionally affects people in poverty,” said Executive Director Karin Cassel Mitterando. “This program reduces our dependence on fossil fuels while lowering our energy costs, which benefits our deeply affordable housing program.”

“I am so impressed with Caritas’s fortitude in pressing forward with this partnership in the midst of incredible challenges caused by the pandemic,” said Jonathan Abe, CEO of Sunwealth. “It demonstrates their understanding of the importance of energy equity and their commitment to improving the lives of  low-income people.”

Caritas Communities prevents homelessness by providing very low-income individuals with permanent housing, support, a sense of community and expanded opportunities. For more than 37 years, Caritas has helped fill the need for safe, secure housing in Greater Boston. Caritas owns and operates 33 buildings in 17 Greater Boston communities, serving more than 1,000 individuals annually. Caritas provides onsite support services, emergency rental assistance, veterans-specific housing and services, and onsite property management. Caritas enables people working for minimum wage, veterans experiencing post-service challenges, and low-income elderly and disabled citizens to live in a clean, safe home that they can afford. Caritas Communities is an independent, non-sectarian, non-profit housing provider. To learn more, please go

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