City Council Moving Forward on Plastic Bag Ban

Everett inched closer to having a plastic bag ban being put on the books.

At the City Council meeting on November 8, Ward 2 Councillor Stephanie Martins asked her colleagues to short cut the usual procedure and vote on the plastic bag ban by not sending the measure to a committee, but rather to have the full council formally vote on the measure. Martins asked for this short cut as the council term is almost over and she was fearful that the ordinance would be lost in procedure.

However, this short cut did not sit well with some of her colleagues. 

“This needs further discussion,” said Ward 6 Councilor Michael J. McLaughlin. “I am not opposed to the ban, but to this process. I hope we send this to a committee.”

Councilor Michael Marchese repeated this concern saying, “This is not about the issue, but the process.”

Martins knew that she was seeking an exception saying, “If this is sent to committee, it would kill the ordinance.”

She also noted that many of the surrounding communities already have such an ordinance in effect.  This ban would only be focused on plastic grocery bags, not plastic bags for newspapers or produce.

In a vote to send the ordinance to the Legislative Affairs Committee, that measure failed to carry on a tie vote of 5-5.  The vote for favorable action then was approved 10-0.

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