Hale Park Architectural Designs Community Feedback

Over the past 2 months Mayor Caqrlo DeMaria conducted two neighborhood community meetings to discuss Hale Park. The first meeting consisted of ideas and thoughts for the space. The second meeting is where the architect brought images and requested feedback. Here is the feedback from the neighborhood.

Concept 1

• Like creating green strip with street trees along Vernal St.

• Like additional parking gained through redesign of parking area

• Water play area too large and wouldn’t be used in the winter

• Water play area would be taking away valuable green space

Concept 2

• Prefer parking design shown on Concept 1

• Of the three concept designs, Concept 2 is the preferred park layout

• Preferred design is to combine Concept 1 parking with Concept 2 park layout

• Don’t remove existing tree in center of park

• Relocate shade structure to accommodate existing tree in center of park

• Consider locating shade structure around existing tree in center of park

• Don’t need water play area at Hale since Woodland will have one

• Include lots of seating along walkways.

• Keep as many existing, healthy trees as possible

• Locate hardscape out of existing green space

• Small children’s play area is welcome addition to the park but shouldn’t overwhelm the green space

• Use of historic themed site furniture will be considered.

• Add bike share facility that currently exists in the park

• Lighting and security cameras will be installed

Concept 3

• Parking takes away too much green space

• Off leash dog run area enclosed by fence was not a priority for the majority of attendees

• Majority prefer to add pet waste station and signage regarding pet visitation rules and clean up

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