Rosa DiFlorio Announces Her Candidacy for Re-Election as Ward 5 City Councilor

Rosa DiFlorio has announced her candidacy for re-election as Ward 5 City Councilor. The following is her statement:

“My name is Rosa “Leo” DiFlorio, and I am seeking re-election as Everett’s Ward 5 City Councilor. I am running for re-election because I care deeply about the City of Everett and its residents. My years of experience representing the residents of Ward 5 enable me to represent your best interests at City Hall. My friends, family and co-workers live and work here, and all of us rely on a well-run city. That is why I initially ran for Common Council in 2005, and why the voters of Ward 5 elected me then and have since re-elected me for the past 16 years to represent them.

I know the City of Everett because I am from here. My parents came to this country from Italy when I was 7 years old and faced racial discrimination and economic hardship, so I am well aware of the hardships faced by our immigrant population. My parents held to their principals that hard work, dedication and investment in the future of our family would ultimately allow us to achieve success and live the American dream. I have taught my children that those principals hold true. I attended the Everett Public Schools. My husband Michael and I have been married for 45 years and have raised our 5 sons in this City. Our sons attended the Everett Public School and went on to pursue higher education at colleges in Massachusetts. I also have 5 grandchildren and, therefore, I am worried about how changes in the City of Everett may impact the lives of our new generation.

I believe that Everett’s best days are ahead. If we work together with respect and equal opportunity for all, we will continue to bring growth and economic opportunity to our city and continue to be a model of excellence for the rest of the Commonwealth. Having served on the Committee for Immigrant Dialogue with a former State Senator, I have had extensive experience working with many immigrants on issues of equal opportunity and inclusiveness.

From my first days in office, my constituents have expected me to represent those who cannot vote – the children of the City of Everett. A strong commitment to public education is critical because our children are our future and they are impacted by the quality of education we give them in our schools. However, funding from tax revenues alone does not support our school system. Federal and state grant monies are required continuously to maintain our high standard of education and to advance growth in other fields of education. If I am re-elected, I will continue to advocate that our city captures every opportunity available not only in education but citywide for infrastructure improvements, parks, recreation, senior services, veteran services, and green space.

My constituents rely on me to make certain that the City of Everett is run properly and that services such as public works, police and fire, trash pickup, street cleaning and many other City services are to the satisfaction of my constituents. I keep a close eye on all of the city’s services and I am always available if there is an issue with any of them.

As your Ward 5 City Councilor, I will continue to advocate for more jobs, housing, medical services, and counseling to our veterans. I will advocate for the hiring of more diverse and qualified police officers and firemen. I will fight to reduce businesses taxes, create additional tax revenue streams, apply good business practices when adopting future capital improvements so that our next generation will not be burdened with the expenditures that are currently required. I support the creation of more green spaces while at the same time providing separate residential water meters for lawn and garden usage to eliminate the present enjoined tax on sewerage. I would also like to adopt committees to be run by students who are mentored by qualified adults to engage in city wide classrooms to discuss opiate addiction as it is time for student groups to become actively involved in curbing this dilemma.

As your Ward 5 City Councilor, I will continue to work with our State Senator and Representative, both of whom I have worked with for the past 16 years on many different endeavors for legislation that is necessary to benefit the residents of the City of Everett. I will continue to read every line of the Mayor’s City budget and will continue reviewing every penny spent to ensure your dollars are spent wisely. I have always embraced the philosophy that all tax revenues must be wisely spent and that there must be accountability.

My qualifications and many years of experience as your Ward 5 City Councilor, coupled with my legislative knowledge, are just a few of the many reasons why I should be re-elected.

I have always been available to my constituents during my tenure as Ward 5 City Councilor and will continue to be available to speak to any constituent about any issue at (617) 407-0860.

If you are not familiar with me, please ask your friends and neighbors about me and what I stand for. They will tell you that I have been a dedicated public servant to our community since day one of when I started serving as your Ward 5 City Councilor. I am not afraid to make the tough decisions that will benefit the residents of Ward 5.

On November 2nd, I am asking you for your vote to continue my hard work and advocacy on behalf the residents of Ward 5 so that YOUR VOICE continues to be heard at City Hall.

Thank you very much for your consideration.”

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