Everett City Council Recognizes Animal Advocates

Four animal advocates working in partnership with Everett’s Animal Control Officer Stacia Gorgone to rescue, hold, and treat animals found in Everett received citations from the Everett City Council on Tuesday, October 12th.

Lisa Cutting from Oceanview Kennel, Melissa Doherty-Guevin, the Dogmother LLC, Carol Pollastrone, and Laurie Stathopoulos from Salem Saves Animals have worked relentlessly to rescue and cover the costs of spaying, neutering, and life-saving procedures for dogs, kittens, and wildlife in Everett. These advocates have taken upon themselves the mission to keep the animals alive and have held animals extra days at no cost so healthy animals would not be surrendered to kill shelters without a second chance. Several animals have been reunited with their owners and adopted out at no charge to new owners because the kennels were able to hold them beyond the state’s 7-day guideline. Currently, shelters have a mandatory seven-day hold and then unclaimed dogs can get euthanized.

“They have reinvented the books beyond the absurd and cruel guidelines provided by the state so they can do what is humane – not what is easy”, said Councilor Stephanie Martins, an animal advocate herself, as she presented the citations. “I hope the Chief is watching this and understands that we support the animals and the importance of this work in Everett”, added Council President Wayne Matewsky who had his dog located within hours of getting lost with the help of the Animal Control Officer.

Between emotional speeches and stories about their successes in Everett, the advocates agreed that the state seems to lean anti-rescue. “Yes, the state guidelines are anti-rescue, but not against breeding. You can breed anything with zero regulations but save a dog and you will deal with non-stop harassment. We can do better Massachusetts, this state needs to handle animals the way Everett does”, Stacia continued.

During the recognition, Laurie Stathopoulos presented a donation of $1000 from Salem Saves Animals to the Everett Police Department K9s.

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