Letter to the Editor

‘Can Do’ Approach

Dear Editor:

I am writing to you about the very important choice we have to make in the upcoming election on November 2. This is the first time I have written a letter to the editor in support of a candidate. This seems like an important time to speak up. We have two candidates running for. Mayor, I feel Mayor Carlo DeMaria has the edge because of his networking capabilities and his “can do” approach.

I have been a resident in Everett since 1958, I went to grammar school and high school in Everett. I worked in Everett for 44 years. Over the years, I have seen Mayor DeMaria take on community tasks that seemed difficult to accomplish, but he got them done. He is an example of what most politicians are not—responsive, honest, respectful and communicative.

He cares about the Everett Community, the students and the seniors. He grew up in Everett, attending the schools. It means so much to him to keep Everett the beautiful city that it is. I know several people who drive through Melrose, Malden and other communities and have commented how beautiful Everett is. Why?…because Mayor DeMaria takes pride in this city.

I have never seen Mayor DeMaria take on anything that did not get done successfully, nor have I ever seen him approach a task without an enormous amount of confidence and enthusiasm.

I am a supporter of his candidacy for re-election to be the Mayor of this fine city and you could only benefit by being a support4er as well.

For these reasons, I am urging you to vote for re-election for Mayor Carlo DeMaria when you visit the ballot box. I am proud to endorse him for Mayor on November 2nd.

Christine Falzarano

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