DeMaria to host Hale Park and Central Ave Park community meeting

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce that he will be hosting a community meeting at Hale Park on Glendale Street on Tuesday, September 14, at 6pm to discuss the renovations of Hale Park and Central Ave Park.

“After hearing concerns from neighbors, I thought it was best to organize a meeting to gather feedback regarding Hale Park and Central Ave Park,” said Mayor DeMaria. “It was unfortunate that the rain forced us to postpone this meeting. Our parks and recreational spaces are an important part of our City and I look forward to meeting with the residents of this community to learn more about their thoughts.”

Over the past few weeks, residents have expressed their unhappiness with both Hale Park and Central Ave Park. The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, September 1st, however, due to the rain, the decision was made to postpone. Mayor DeMaria and the Administration want to hear the community’s feedback to make improvements to the current conditions.

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