Everett Haitian Community Center calls on the community for help after earthquake in Haiti

The big southern part of Haiti was severely touched by another earthquake of Magnitude 7.2 last weekend, following a devastating earthquake in 2010 that the country has still not fully recovered from.

Rev. Myrlande Desrosiers at the Everett Haitian Community Center – which was founded in the wake of the 2010 earthquake displacement crisis, said this earthquake on Saturday could not happen at a worse time in Haiti during hurricane/storm season and social/political unrest.

The deaths and displaced populations are still growing and are well beyond 1,000 people killed.

 “It is difficult to imagine what it must feel to be so far away from home when your people are facing disaster,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “As we continue to see news come out of Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, I can only pray for the families that have lost a loved one and hope your loved ones are safe… do not hesitate to reach out.”

 At this juncture, Everett residents with families in Haiti badly affected, need dire prayers and assistance. As they say in the Haitian proverb: “Anpil men, shay pa lou.” (Many hands, the burden is less heavy).

“As you can imagine, it seems as though Haiti cannot get a break,” said DesRosiers. “It is calamities upon calamities. However, one must never lose hope.”

The EHCC has set emotional and spiritual counseling support for individuals and families by scheduled appointments.

“I want to collaborate and partner with EHCC and other organization to collect stuff like a drive for Haiti to help out as much as I can,” said first Haitian-American City Councilor Gerly Adrian. 

“My thoughts and prayers are with Haiti and your community,” said Dr. Williams of CHA. “We stand ready to help those facing emotional anxiety.”

Said Councilor Michael McLaughlin, “My thoughts and prayers are with Haiti on this day. Please let me know if there is anything I can be supportive.”

 The EHCC welcomes collaborative partnerships as it is undertaking recovery relief efforts to help Haitian Everett residents who have families affected, and kids and individuals in families, displaced in the Haitian city of Jeremie. EHCC has conferred with trusted officials on the ground, and has reached residents who also shared what it’s like for their families and what they need on a short-term basis right now, as they face both the earthquake, the displacement aftermath and at the same time a storm season.

In EHCC’s recovery effort, it aims to be intentional and providing an on-the-ground resources needs assessment of individuals and families severely affected. At the same time, EHCC said it is avoiding duplication of resources that will come from other relief efforts already in existence. In that spirit, the following reliefs efforts are what EHCC is setting up:


•Sleeping bags


•Mattress pads


•Solar Lamps



•Red and black beans





•Canned milk

•Kids backpacks with basic school supplies (Notebooks, pens, pencils; etc).

 People can provide these specific items to the community center located at: 

Everett Haitian Community Center

427A Broadway-Everett, MA 02149

Or, if necessary, donate funds via check or Zelle Bank of America (857-251-9866) or direct deposit for the center to purchase them.

Payable to:

Eben-Ezer Families and Childrens’ Services’ Inc.

For information, contact EHCC: [email protected]

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