New Electronic Bus Stop Signs to Be Discussed

The state’s Outdoor Advertising Division – the board that votes on billboards and other street furniture around the state – will have a hearing on Aug. 12 for 12 new locations in bus stops to place advertising and interactive kiosks for the MBTA.

Intersection Media of New York City has become the new contractor for the MBTA and is proposing 12 locations in Everett – among more than 400 locations statewide – to place its advertising and digital kiosk products.

“Intersection will bring its suite of static and digital media products to nearly 400 bus shelters and 30 interactive information kiosks through their partnership with MBTA,” said Julianna Lopez of Intersection. “The bus shelters are pre-existing, and the interactive information kiosks will be installed and will provide pedestrians and commuters access to interactive maps and directions, a directory with points of interest, and real-time interactive trip planning.”

She said it is standard procedure as a new contractor to go before the Board to place the new ads on existing bus stops.

The locations for the new kiosks will be the following:

•650 Broadway

•548 Broadway

•563 Broadway

•390 Broadway

•335 Broadway

•405 Broadway (Site A)

•405 Broadway (Site B)

•2401 Parkway

•2402 Parkway

•88 Main St.

•418 Broadway

•888 Broadway

The meeting will take place at 11 a.m. in the State Transportation Building in the Back Bay, rooms 5 and 6.

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