Keep an Eye Out for New Wayfinding Signs

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to announce that the City of Everett in collaboration with Transit Matters is implementing Wayfinding Signs throughout the community. These signs are being placed around the Broadway corridor of the city.

“Wayfinding Signs is making non-automobile transportation easier in the City of Everett,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Implementing these signs is an excellent way to assist our residents navigate throughout the community who travel by foot or by bike. I am grateful to Transit Matters for their hard work on this initiative.”

The Wayfinding Signs are part of the Reimagine Broadway initiative in the City of Everett. These signs provide direction and guidance to landmarks throughout the city. They can be read at the human scale, meaning that a person can view them not only from driving, but also from walking and biking around. These signs are another way to help encourage sharing our streets and promote Everett as a walkable community.

Transit Matters has worked with local community organizations that include the Everett Haitian Community Center, La Comunidad, and the Everett Community Growers to ensure that these signs would be inclusive to all community members. Through collaboration, these organizations were able to provide suggested locations and key resources that they felt would accommodate the residents.

The signs are translated into different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Haitian Creole, to be able to improve their reach among the community. Additionally, these signs include symbols to accommodate those who may not have advanced literacy skills.

Transit Matters worked closely Ad Hoc Industries and FJ Albano to produce the signs. Ad Hoc Industries chose the design and coloring of the signs to ensure that they would stand out to those who passed by and become recognizable in the community. The City of Everett is grateful for the collaborative efforts of Transit Matters, Reimagine Broadway, local businesses and community organizations. The guidance of the Wayfinding Signs will allow residents to travel throughout the city with ease

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