Adrien endorsed for Mayor by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund  has  endorsed  Gerly Adrien in the election  for Mayor of Everett,  a credit to  her commitment to the  environment and climate action.  With issues of public health, environmental justice, transportation, and energy policy inextricably linked,  we need leaders at every level of government who understand the intersectionality of issues within their community and will call for bold action., said the Fund.

“Councilor Adrien’s prioritization of clean energy and her commitment to ensuring equal access to resources will make her a strong leader and advocate for the people of Everett,” said Clare Kelly, ELM Action Fund. 

“Everett is on the front lines of the climate crisis,” said Adrien. “We see it in the high asthma rates for those living next to the Mystic Generating Station, the history of heavy pollution in the Mystic and Malden River, the contaminated land in the former Monsanto site, and more. Everett deserves a mayor that will not only take the city to a healthy, sustainable future, but will right the wrongs of the past. We must invest in community renewable energy, expand public transportation, and actively involve our most affected residents in the decision-making process when addressing climate change.”

As Mayor, one of Adrien’s goals would be to push for the transition to 100% renewable energy and support infrastructure improvements to make communities resilient to climate change impacts.

Another goal would create a sustainable and equitable future for all.

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