New Tower in Commercial Triangle Reports Changes

The V10 Development team reported this week they have made some changes to their residential tower project on Second Street, bringing the height down a little bit and changing some of the lower level design.

Looking for a little more horsepower on the project, The Architectural Team of Chelsea has been brought on to make design changes, which will be heard at the Planning Board on June 28.

First and foremost, V10’s John Tocco said was the height has come down from 249 feet to 236 feet, and some of the columns and positioning of the building have changed.

“We went to a girder-slab system,” he said. “It’s a more constructable building and I think it’s a lot more appealing too.”

The parking will now be nearly 1 to 1, with 386 spots for 384 units. There will be better activation of Second Street with the removal of some cumbersome columns, and floors 2-6 now will have residential units that help to hide the parking garage area.

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