Guerline Alcy Announces her Candidacy for Councilor At-Large

Long-time City Hall worker and community leader Guerline Alcy announced this week she will run for at-large City Council in the coming Municipal Election.

Alcy is well-known to many residents of Everett as one of the first people seen as they walk in the door of City Hall – working in constituent services and other outward facing areas. She is also active in the Haitian American community and Everett non-profits, as well as a well-known advocate of the arts.

As a long-time resident of Everett, Alcy said she has spent years fighting for the wellbeing of homeless teens, the elderly and anyone she comes in contact with that requires help in the city.

She described herself as a tenacious and diligent professional, who is compassionate about people and passionate about service.

“I will continue to fight on homelessness issues, working in collaboration with others to make sure the people that lives here can afford to rent and buy a home here and not be run out of the city by sky rocketed rent,” she said. “I want to make sure that minority women also have an equal opportunity to get leadership positions. Working on providing affordable after school programs for all kids. Making sure that everyone here has a voice and not be afraid to speak up. I love my community. Everett is a fun place to live. Let’s work together to make it a true welcoming place for everyone.”

Born in Haiti, Alcy arrived to the U.S. at the age of 11, with the hopes of carrying the importance of serving others. Her work history includes nine years at Everett City Hall, 12 years in the financial services industry, restaurant manager, and campaign manager. She is a well-known and longtime warrior for children, youth, women, the elderly, and the community. For the last seven years, she has been a community organizer, working towards a better, stronger, and healthier environment in the City of Everett, informing families about available programs, assisting residents with housing, and other needs. She said her love for helping to raise funds for several organizations; providing meals during the holiday seasons; and assisting those in need comes from her passion to serve. She is also the Founder of Lyvia’s Foundation, located in Haiti, that provides resources to assist people in need and obtain economic stability, as well as scholarships for disadvantaged kids to continue their education. She also promotes and help fund sustainable farming projects in rural areas in Haiti.

A proud mother of three sons, she is also an avid real estate investor. Alcy is an Executive Board Member of the Everett Democratic City Committee, Executive Board Member of Integral Arts Everett, Advisory Board Member of the Everett Community Growers, and Executive Board Member of the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts.

Alcy has received an Associate’s Degree as a Legal Administrative Assistant from North Shore Community College and also attended New England College of Business and Finance. She said in her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking, traveling, collecting art and coordinating art shows.

To connect with Alcy via e-mail, write her at [email protected], visit her Facebook page or call her cell at 857-326-1128. As of Tuesday, she had not yet pulled Nomination Papers, but said she plans to do so shortly.

Candidate Update

•Ward 4 Council heats up

So it’s obviously been hot outside, but it’s been even hotter in Ward 4 – where the City Council race now has four high-quality candidates that could make for an interesting Preliminary Election in September were they all to qualify for the ballot.

For some time, incumbent Councilor Jimmy Tri Le has had his Papers out for re-election and was certified for the ballot on June 2. He has been facing James Mastrocola in the early rounds, but this week two new candidates have emerged.

Benjamin Murray, husband of School Committeewoman Dana Murray, has pulled his papers, and so has Holly Garcia, chair of the Everett Citizens Foundation and a die-hard volunteer around the City. Both are interesting candidates and will test first-term Councilor Le in his first re-election effort.

•Veterans Agent to Run

In the Ward 3 School Committee race, Chairman Frank Parker now has a three-way race potentially, with Veterans Services Director Jeanne Cristiano pulling Nomination Papers to run against Parker potentially, joining Bob Santacroce – who lost to Parker last election.

City leaders have said a City worker can run for School Committee, so Cristiano is well-within the law, apparently, to serve in public office and lead Veterans Services.

•Odds & Ends

One change to the School Committee at-Large race includes former School Committee Chair Bernie D’Onofrio pulling Nomination Papers for at-large. He has also pulled papers for School Committee Ward 6. Likewise, Santacroce has pulled papers for at-large School Committee as well.

In the mayoral race, as of Tuesday, only Councilor Gerly Adrien has been certified for the ballot. For Council at-Large, only incumbent Michael Marchese has been certified for the ballot as of Tuesday. Aside from Councilor Le, the only other candidate certified for the ballot as of Tuesday was Al Lattanzi, who is running for the Ward 6 Council seat

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