Steinberg Pulls Nomination Papers for School Committee

Everett’s Cady Steinberg got the bug to run for School Committee at least two years ago after attending a School Committee meeting, a meeting where she went to defend her sister-in-law – a teacher in the Everett Schools – but was told she couldn’t speak publicly.

That ignited a spark in the Everett Public Schools product, who now is the administrator for the Boston University History Department, that finally grew into a real run for the Ward 2 School Committee seat this year.

“This is really two years in the making,” she said. “I thought about it two years ago. The reason I didn’t is because of what a lot of women feel and that’s the imposture syndrome.”

That doubt in herself, however, quickly went away and she decided to make the run this year. She said she got involved with the School Committee first when her sister-in-law, Marissa Roberto-Steinberg, was being considered for discipline over an issue with former Supt. Fred Foresteire.

“I got involved with the School Committee when Marissa was going through some issues,” she said. “They didn’t allow at that time public comment and I wondered at the time how would my voice be heard. How was it that people were going to hear what I had to say? I asked the former superintendent and he said I had to submit public comment to him. I said, ‘What if it’s about you?’ I remember how little the representation and acknowledgement of the community, which was apparent in the former Administration and School Committee. It made me realize I can and should make my voice heard. I think it’s critical to be present and listen to the people and see what they need.”

Steinberg, 30, grew up in Everett and attending the Hamilton School, the Webster Modular Units, the Keverian School, and then the old Everett High School. She was among the first graduating class of the new Everett High School in 2008.

Steinberg attended Boston University after graduation, and then got her Master’s in Education Policy at BU as well. Currently, she’s the Department Administrator for the History Department at BU.

One of the key issues she sees in the schools is overcrowding, and that will be a major part of her campaign.

“The most critical issue right now is the overcrowding,” she said.

Likewise, Steinberg worked at the Parlin Library for many years as a student and a college student, and indicated it was time to bring back school librarians and school libraries.

“I think a couple of budget crises ago they cut a bunch of librarians,” she said. “It’s not just a shame, but horrifying to think about when you recognize the importance of school libraries and the school librarian to a student’s education.”

Steinberg said she thinks the School Department is on a much better track than in the days when she came up to defend her sister-in-law, but there’s still much work to do.

“I think there’s still a lot of work to be done,” she said. “I think Everett’s plans, like everyone else’s, got derailed last year. We’re on the right track, but I think there’s a lot of work to do.”

So far, Steinberg said she has been out canvassing to get her signatures, and her race will – for the first time in a long time – be a ward-only vote. So, she said she’s staying close to home in Ward 2 – climbing up and down the hills of the Ward as she did when she would walk home from school.

The Ward 2 race already features incumbent School Committeeman Joe LaMonica, and challenger Jason Marcus has taken out papers to run for Ward 2 School Committee and Ward 2 Council.


A major shocker in the at-large Council race this week is the entrance of Irene Cardillo, of Rosedale Avenue, into the crowded field of contenders. Cardillo and her husband have successfully run the Grace Food Pantry on Church Street for several years. However, during the pandemic the pantry has taken on a whole new meaning and Cardillo has become a solid figure in the community.

Now, she is looking to possibly make the transition from advocate to politician. There are 11 people in the race now.

Over the past week, incumbent John Hanlon took out Nomination Papers, which was pretty much expected, and he’ll have a strong vote as usual.

Meanwhile, Catherine Tomassi Hicks, who has run several times, has also taken out papers.

In Ward 5 City Council, Vivian Nguyen of Linden Street took out papers to once-again challenge incumbent Rosa DiFlorio, of Dyer Avenue. Since running a spunky campaign two years ago, Nguyen has been involved with the Young Democrats of Massachusetts as the technical director in the state organization. Two years ago, Councilor DiFlorio cruised to a victory, but Nguyen’s energy was enough to turn some heads.

For School Committee in Ward 3, Committee Chair Frank Parker seems to once again be facing Robert Santacroce, of Englewood Avenue. The race last time around featured some strange advertisements from Santacroce that were seemingly borrowed from advertisements many years ago by the former School Administration. It was a strange turn, and perhaps even more such things will emerge this time around.

In Ward 6 School Committee, former Chair Bernie D’Onofrio was reported last week to have taken out papers, and this week incumbent and past Chair Tom Abruzzese also took out papers. Abruzzese succeeded D’Onofrio as chair and both have years of experience on the Committee. Also, Catherine Tomassi Hicks has also taken out papers for the seat as well.

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