Everett Celebrates the Life of Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton

Everett Mayor Carlo DeMaria and First Lady Stacy DeMaria led the City of Everett’s candlelight vigil in honor of Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton Sunday night at Glendale Park.

Hundreds of family and friends attended the ceremony in memory of the beloved city employee and long-time Pop Warner cheerleading coach who touched so many lives with her warmth, generosity, and kindness.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his wife, Stacy DeMaria, join members of Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton’s family at the vigil Sunday night at Glendale Park.

Kristin died tragically on April 23, just days after giving birth to her daughter, Lenna Noel.

“Tonight we join together in sadness and in disbelief to remember and honor a beautiful soul that was taken far too soon: Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton,” said DeMaria. “Though we are all sad and devasted, we are here together in solidarity to show our love and support for one another. To the family of our angel, Kristin, on behalf of my entire family and the City of Everett, you are loved, you are supported, and we are here for you.”

Community and spiritual leader Rick Randazzo delivered the opening prayer, stating, “This evening we are beginning for each one of us, Lord, in making Kristin’s legacy our challenge to live life to its fullest.”

Stacy DeMaria said, “I’m saddened but honored to be here this evening. I would like to begin by thanking Kristin’s family for graciously inviting me to say a few words about our angel, Kristin.

“To know Kristin was to love Kristin. Her presence was bright and smile even brighter. As we all know, Kristin was beautiful. She was gorgeous on the outside, but she was even more beautiful where it mattered the most – on the inside.

“Her willingness and ability to help guide and mentor so many people young and old across the City of Everett and beyond is truly remarkable,” continued Mrs. DeMaria. “Whether she was dedicating her time to Everett’s youth during Pop Warner or giving a hand at the food pantries to help those less fortunate, her positive attitude and energy shined. It was almost contagious.”

Mrs. DeMaria noted the gallant battle Kristin waged against various health challenges, “but in typical Kristin fashion, she fought and persevered.”

“To Kristin’s family and friends, on behalf of the City of Everett and my husband, Carlo, we promise that the memories of your wife, your daughter, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, your niece, and your friend will never be forgotten in our community,” said Mrs. DeMaria. “We will ensure that Kristin’s name and legacy live on so that Lenna know how loved her mother was.”

Honoring Kristin’s “beautiful life,” Mrs. DeMaria quoted American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou, telling the assemblage, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Vin Calderone told the tremendous gathering in attendance, “First let me say that I could not be any prouder to have been Kristin’s uncle and godfather. What a wonderful person she was. I always knew Kristin was a very special person but to witness the outpouring of love and affection here tonight as well as the countless well wishes my family has received from many people is just simply amazing.

“On behalf of my entire family, the Ciarlones, the Fultons, and the Calderones, I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and especially for being here tonight. It means more than you can imagine. I would especially like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to the city and the people of Everett and to recognize Mayor DeMaria, his wife, Stacy, and his staff for all that you’ve done in giving us this opportunity to honor and give thanks for a wonderful and amazing individual, our beloved Kristin,” said Calderone.

Colleen Stabile, a lifelong friend of Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton, warmly recalled Kristin’s love of all things associated with Disney.

“She loved it. She was a Disney nut just like me and clearly one of the reasons we became so close over the years,” said Stabile. “Kristin has gone so many times to Disney with her family and Greg, and I know how much she was looking forward to going there with her new baby, Lenna.”

Sam Amado, a friend and colleague, recalled what a joy it was to work with Kristin every day and how she wanted to impact lives in a positive way and make people feel good about themselves.”

“She just wanted to matter. She wanted to make a difference,” said Amado. “She was full of energy, ideas, passion for her community and anything that had her name attached to it, had to be perfect.”

Amado recalled how Kristin always reached out to colleagues’ children during holidays and celebrations.“Kristin made sure they all had gifts for every occasion,” said Amado.

He praised Kristin’s ability to motivate others and lift up their spirits during tough times. “That’s the type of person that Kristin was – she thought about others first,” said Amado. “We know how much Kristin fought tooth and nail to have what she has. As much as we all know her story, I don’t know how many of us would have the same courage and grace to face the challenges that she confronted on a regular basis.

“Kristin was strong, so unbelievably strong,” said Amado. “All of our dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. She did it. She did what she said you couldn’t do. She made her dreams come true. She was living her fairytale with the love of her life, Greg, her trusted sidekick, Vinnie (her dog), and finally her centerpiece, Lenna Noel – Kristin wanted to be a mom so bad and it happened. You did it. You proved them wrong and we’re all so proud of you. Thank you, Kristin, for showing us what you can do. Thank you for showing us that we can do it, too.”

Lisa Sachetta, who coached Everett Pop Warner cheerleading team, asked former Everett Pop Warner Huskies President William Marchant, to deliver thoughts on her behalf.

Sachetta highlighted Kristin’s generosity, compassion, and helpfulness in her role as a mentor to her cheerleaders.

“As we learned over the years, Kristin’s style proved to be her outpouring generosity. She showered her girls with trinkets and treasures; she designed T-shirts, hats, socks, sunglasses, bandanas, and flip flops, all hand made with love. Most importantly, she gifted her cheerleaders with love, guidance and friendship,” wrote Sachetta.

Sachetta pledged that Kristin’s cheerleaders and friends will carry on Kristin’s legacy with heartful remembrances of her wonderful life of achievement and love.

“Kristin, your beautiful daughter, Lenna Noel Fulton, will be blessed with all your former cheerleaders and cheer friends as her extended family and I believe we’ll be sharing loving, funny, and beautiful stories and memories of you.

“Rest peacefully, Kristin,” wrote Sachetta. “We all believe you were a true angel on earth and you have truly earned your wings and now you are our angel in heaven above.”

Kaylin Seward, a current Everett High cheerleader who attended the vigil, said Kristin Ciarlone-Fulton was her Pop Warner coach for two years, one of which resulted in a trip to the National Championships at Disney World in Florida.

“She was an amazing coach and inspired a lot of people,” said Seward. “She made a huge impact on a lot of people and she’s going to be missed.”

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