Guest Op-Ed: American Rescue Plan ‘Appalling and Outrageous’ for Everett

By State Senator Sal DiDomenico

When these numbers (from the American Rescue Act) were brought to our attention about two weeks ago I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I immediately contacted our Federal Delegation and our city leaders to try and find a solution. The American Rescue Plan was promised to be the relief that we had been waiting for, especially for our hardest hit communities like Chelsea and Everett.  It is both appalling and outrageous that two of the hardest hit communities, and Chelsea being ground zero during the Covid crisis, are getting a fraction of the federal funds that neighboring communities are getting – and many being much more affluent. Covid ravaged Chelsea and Everett, and our residents dealt with so much pain, suffering, heartache during the past year.  These funds were supposed to go to disproportionately affected communities and help cities like ours, but this obviously did not happen. I have spoken to Governor Charlie Baker and his team to push for some of the other federal funds to be allocated to Chelsea and Everett, and I will be working with the Governor and our elected leaders to bring in the needed funds that these cities rightfully deserve. I am extremely upset that my communities did not get the help they needed. The high hopes we had for the American Rescue Plan did not come to fruition for Chelsea and Everett.Sal DiDomenico is a State Senator

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