Manny Lopes Honored by Boston City Council

Last week East Boston Neighborhood Health Center President and CEO Manny Lopes was recognized at the Boston City Council’s Annual Black History Month Celebration as the Council honored Black essential workers in the City of Boston for their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lopes joined the health center as an 18-year-old researcher, working with the late Dr. Jim Taylor on a blood pressure study. In the ensuing years, Lopes went on to hold positions in the Human Resource and Operations Departments. Lopes later served as the Health Center’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer, providing organizational vision and leadership with an eye for technology and collaborative innovation.  

Lopes has served as CEO of EBNHC since 2012 and as its president since 2015.  

In his remarks, Lopes dedicated his award to the over 1,400 employees at EBNHC.

“This is a special group to be a part of,” said Lopes at the virtual ceremony. “This year has provided us with a healthy dose of perspective across the city. We have battled between racial inequity and COVID-19 at the Health Center. We’ve seen the devastating impact of in East Boston. As we recap where we’ve been I can’t help to think about what we’ve done. Bear with me for a moment as I brag about our staff of 1,400 employees and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. We’ve had staff working in the hot sun and freezing rain testing thousands of residents for COVID-19. We have had staff repurposed for pediatric care and prescription delivery. We’ve turned the WIC department into one of the most active and equitable vaccine delivery sites in the city.”

Lopes continued, “They are the true heroes and this award is dedicated to them as we take this moment to recognize these accomplishments.”

Lopes cautioned there are still many challenges ahead as the pandemic continues.

“It’s clear that it will take a major effort to end the pandemic,” said Lopes. “We can and should not get caught up in the negativity but instead get excited that we have vaccines that can help us usher in the new normal. We are set up for the first miracles in Boston and together, we have established equity as a permanent priority. So as we move forward. Let’s attack this next chapter with excitement. I look forward to working with all of you to bring health and prosperity to our communities of color. Thank you to the City Council for this recognition.”

City Councilor Lydia Edwards, who nominated Lopes for the Council recognition, congratulated him on his accomplishments fighting the pandemic in her District. 

“Congratulations to my friend Manny Lopes, CEO and President of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, for his recognition at the Boston City Council’s Annual Black History Month Celebration this past week,” said Edwards. “We honored Black essential workers in the City of Boston and I was proud to highlight Manny’s exemplary leadership during this public health crisis. We are so grateful for Manny, the staff at EBNHC, and all essential workers for the sacrifices they’ve made to keep us healthy.”

Aside from serving as President and CEO of EBNHC, Lopes is Chair of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation as well as Chair of Boston’s Board of Health. The Board of Health is the seven-member governing body that oversees the work of the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC).  Lopes attended Lesley University School of Management and has a master’s degree in business administration from Northeastern University’s Graduate School of Business.

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