Guest Op-Ed: I Look Forward to Continuing the Mayoral Journey with the People of Everett

I am excited to officially announce that I will be seeking reelection to serve as your Mayor.

While today I am announcing my candidacy for reelection, I’d be remiss if I did not briefly touch upon the work that has been done over the past 12 months since the onset of this pandemic.

On March 14th, I made the toughest decision I have ever made as your Mayor. I physically closed the doors of Everett City Hall and worked with our new Superintendent to close the schools. Since then, our City has truly come together to support one another. We have distributed 1.4 Million pounds of food, delivered 130,000 meals to the elderly, and provided financial assistance to residents and local businesses alike. In 2021 my Administration will be focused on getting our children back into the classroom, providing all residents an opportunity to get vaccinated, and distributing additional financial assistance to residents and businesses.

In 2020, Everett was named the top place to live North of Boston by the Boston Globe. They referred to our City as “a Winning Bet” alluding to Everett property owners hitting the jackpot over the past five years due to the increase in property values. Accomplishing this was not easy, and it serves as a testament to the work we’ve been able to accomplish. I am proud to tell you that the average single-family tax bill in Everett remains one of the lowest in the Metro-Boston region, all while our city services offered remain exceptional.  I am committed to continuing to move our City forward – together.

As Mayor, I promise to continue to make strides towards bettering our community in all aspects, including, but not limited to, transportation, capital improvements, and infrastructure. The pandemic required the City to shift gears and adapt to a global crisis; however, we are ready to pick up where we left off and continue to move Everett forward.

Over the course of this year, as we complete and update the City’s Capital Improvement Plan, you will see careful considerations made to improve the delivery of services in the City at the Connolly Center, City Hall, Glenwood Cemetery, the Everett Police Department, our 911 dispatch center, and schools. We will continue tailoring our focus on improvements toward our transportation system and large-scale investments in housing, affordable housing, and mixed-use developments. In addition, we will be increasing the footprint of our existing Urban Renewal Plan, adding the Lower Broadway Master Plan, Commercial Triangle, the GE parcel, and Everett Stadium. I have big goals, aggressive goals, but I’m confident they can be accomplished if given the opportunity to continue to serve as your Mayor.  

I am excited to get back on the campaign trail this year and hope to have the opportunity to discuss our past accomplishments as well as bold plans for the future with you directly. Your early support and encouragement will fuel this campaign. If you would like to submit an early endorsement, show your support, or volunteer for this campaign you can do so by calling or texting (617) 394-8210 or emailing [email protected]

Serving as Mayor has truly been an honor and a privilege. It is something that I have never and will never take for granted. The trust and encouragement provided by the residents over the years continues to inspire my family and me. I look forward to continuing this journey with you, the great people of Everett.

Carlo DeMaria is the Mayor of Everett.

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