Glenwood Cemetery Improvements Approved

Mayor Carlo DeMaria announced that the Everett City Council has approved an additional $800,000 funding that will allow the City of Everett to make final improvements to Glenwood Cemetery.

Improvement plans include developing new grave space, renovating the driveway, redevelop the cemetery’s entrance, upgrade the water system, and renovate the Civil War burial area. Reconstruction is scheduled to begin in the early Spring of 2021.

“It’s important that we make these improvements to Glenwood Cemetery,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Although those who rest there have passed, they are still part of our community and I want to honor them by improving the conditions of the cemetery. Residents should be able to visit their loved ones in a location that has easy access and brings them peace.”

Currently, the cemetery is at full capacity and there is no space available. Through this renovation project, 227 new precast concrete double depth lawn crypts will be created. The current cremation site is also at full capacity and has space for 44 niches. With the improvements, there will be a new cremation niche installed that will have space for 166 niches.

The driveway is currently deteriorating and will be undergoing renovations as well. The existing curbing will be removed and replaced along with a full depth of reconstruction of the driveway payment.

The cemetery entrance will be redeveloped to improve appearance and accessibility. The entrance driveway will be reconfigured and ADA sidewalks and ramps with be installed. New entry signs with lights will be added along Washington Avenue and the sign at the opposite end of Sargent Street will be relocated. There will also be a reflecting pool and recirculating fountain installed.

There is currently insufficient water supply coverage throughout the cemetery and the lack of water supply has made lawn maintenance not only difficult, but costly. The reconstruction will address this issue by installing a new water supply line and self-draining faucets. The new system will help the cemetery become more cost efficient.

The Civil War burial area will be renovated during the reconstruction as well. This area has been deteriorating over the years and will see improvements. There will be a new flagstone patio to anchor and support the Civil War cannon in addition to new loam and seeding will be planted.

The City of Everett has contracted BSC Group as the designer and construction administrator for the improvements. During the time of construction, BSC Group has affirmed that they will do their best to be respectful of those visiting loved ones at the cemetery and of any funeral services that may occur. The reconstruction project is anticipated to be completed in the Spring of 2022.

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