A Comprehensive Approach to Senior Housing in Everett

Construction is officially underway in Everett for the newest development project from The Neighborhood Developers (TND).

 A non-profit community development corporation based in Chelsea, TND is known for the award-winning Box District and other community development projects in Chelsea and Revere. There are two complementary construction projects underway at the former St. Therese Parish location on Broadway. The larger of the two includes 77 affordable rental apartments for seniors aged 62 and older and a 4,000 square foot health care facility. The second component of the project is the construction of six townhouses on Gledhill Avenue that will provide three-bedroom homes for sale at below-market prices. 

In addition to announcing the start of construction, TND is proud to officially partner with the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center (EBNHC) at St. Therese. At the former Parish site, TND will create a community asset featuring public green space and a new health center on the ground floor to serve the building’s elderly residents and members of the broader community. The health center will also include services offered by the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), operated by EBNHC, which provide comprehensive care and support for clinically complex seniors, including preventive care, specialist visits, prescription drug coverage, and health and wellness programs. PACE is the ideal solution for those who want an alternative to nursing home care for the right combination of medical, social, recreation, rehabilitation, home care, and other services.

“The partnership between The Neighborhood Developers, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and the City of Everett will bring much needed affordable housing opportunities to one of the City’s most vulnerable populations, our senior citizens,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “Having a healthcare facility constructed in conjunction with the housing will give residents the chance to receive care in a state-of-the-art facility with a well-respected provider. I look forward to breaking ground on this project and adding additional affordable housing to the City’s inventory.”  

EBNHC serves more than 100,000 patients across its various clinic locations and is the largest community health center in Massachusetts, and among the largest community health centers in the country. Neighborhood PACE, operated by EBNHC, is part of the national Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly network that provides comprehensive care and support for adults 55 and older with specific needs and preferences.

This collaboration between an affordable housing developer and health center is bolstered by the impacts of COVID-19 on Everett and surrounding communities. “Expanded access to needed health care services for seniors is critical as we fight our way out of this pandemic and recover from its impacts to our lives and health,” says Manny Lopes, CEO and President of EBNHC.  The coronavirus has been particularly dangerous for people living in congregant housing, including seniors. TND, however, saw much lower COVID-19 infection rates for people residing in its properties as compared to those in the surrounding community. “In 2020, COVID-19 painfully highlighted the connection between health and housing; at St. Therese people will have access to healthy, affordable housing and convenient medical services and wellness programs at the same time” says Rafael Mares, Executive Director of TND. The PACE model to be offered at St. Therese will provide seniors the support and resources to safely continue living in the communities they are rooted in. 

Demolition of the building and subsequent construction began in October. However, some of the roof tiles were salvaged pre-demolition and reserved for another Everett-based congregation, St. Anthony’s church. Other architectural elements were also saved to be incorporated into the new property design. The name of the historical parish, St. Therese, has been kept to uphold the rich history of this landmark. The construction is managed by local contractor, Bald Hill Builders.

Construction is scheduled to continue throughout 2021 and be completed in May 2022.This will be TND’s first affordable housing project in Everett. After decades of work in Chelsea, as well as Revere in the last few years, the organization is excited and prepared to join the Everett community. This project is a key piece of a multi-year plan to further build relationships and explore partnerships in Everett with municipal, civic, business and community-based organizations.

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