Baker Signs Home Rule Petition

The Home Rule petition to make the mayor a voting member of the School Committee was signed on Weds. by Gov. Charlie Baker, and Mayor Carlo DeMaria said he looked forward to cohesively working with the Committee going forward.

The signed Charter amendment makes Mayor DeMaria the 10th voting member on the Committee, though he was a non-voting member for many years under the reformed Charter.

“Governor Baker signed the Home Rule Petition which amends the City of Everett’s Charter and allows the Mayor of Everett to become a voting member of the Everett School Committee,” he said on Wednesday. “I am honored to accept this responsibility. The Everett City Council voted to send the Home Rule petition to the State House. Everett’s local delegation, Senator Sal DiDomenico and State Representative Joseph McGonagle shepherded the bill through the legislature.

“Thank you for your continued trust,” he continued. “I pledge to always put the students first. I look forward to working cohesively with the other members of the Everett School Committee while developing a record of accountability and allowing residents to understand where I stand on important matters affecting our children.”

With 10 members, however, a tie is possible, and already the Council and School Committee are discussing the idea of bringing in an 11th member so there would be no tie votes. That was discussed at a Council committee meeting with the School Committee last Thursday and continues to be in discussion.

A Home Rule petition on the matter wouldn’t likely be filed for another month or more, and would not be approved at the State House until late spring in a best-case scenario.

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