Everett Citizens Foundation Ready for Second Year of Funding

The Everett Citizens Foundation has released applications for the Year 2, Round 1 funding process, and is inviting non-profits based in, or serving, Everett to apply for $150,000 available in this fall’s grant process.

The Everett Citizens Foundation is a Board of residents who distribute approximately $250,000 each year given to the Foundation by Encore Boston Harbor as part of his Host Community Agreement with the City – specifically used to fund non-profits and other services that are aligned with helping Everett residents.

Chair Holly Garcia said they are entering their third grant funding round, with last spring’s round being totally dedicated to COVID-19 relief. She said being able to sit on the Foundation and direct money last spring to those serving the community in a time of great need was fulfilling.

“Especially in COVID-19, we distributed the money from last fall’s round in February, and then COVID-19 hit in March,” she said. “In April, we dedicated our spring funding round to a few organizations that were directly helping with relief efforts. It’s been great to see the non-profits like food pantries and other services benefit from the Foundation. All you have to do is open a newspaper or go outside and see how many organizations are putting the money into action to serve the community…It was great to see at such a time of need that community groups weren’t taking a back seat. They weren’t closed. They are open and trying to maintain the safety of volunteers, staff and clients.”

Matt Lattanzi, a representative from the City on the Foundation, said they were in receipt of $256,250 from Encore last month as per the HCA – the increase coming due to a 2.5 percent cost of living increase that builds up each year. They will distribute $150,000 of that in the fall, and then $113,000 in the spring. No single organization can get two grants in one funding cycle. That is to encourage others to be able to benefit.

Last fall, prior to COVID-19, Lattanzi said they had 35 applicants and gave out 22 awards. This time, they expect to have even more applicants before the Dec. 1 deadline due to the high needs brought on by COVID.

“In total, we plan to give out $263,000 to Everett community organizations in two funding rounds this year,” said Lattanzi.

This time around, successful applicants are being asked to submit a report to the Foundation after the program is implemented to let the members know what was done with the money – a way to track success. There is also a change in the scoring method. Previously, there was a list of seven criteria that members scored each applicant on for a total of 14 points. Now, an eighth item has been added.

Lattanzi said that is to let applicants know they had a great application and the Foundation wanted to fund it, but didn’t have the resources.

“We want to give them a little recognition and a minor bump and encourage them to apply in another funding round,” said Lattanzi.

Applications are now available and ready for submission.

The Foundation plans to meet on Dec. 15 to score the applicants and determine the awardees. Money from the fall round would be distributed almost immediately after those decisions are made.

The Foundation, which consists of members appointed by Mayor Carlo DeMaria, the Everett City Council, State Senator Sal DiDomenico, and State Rep. Joe McGonagle, is charged with supporting and promoting local groups, associations, and programs with important City initiatives that provide a direct benefit to Everett residents.

The Year 2 Round 1 application deadline is December 1.

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