With Needs Greater Than Ever, Grace Food Pantry Celebrates Five Years

The Everett Grace Food Pantry celebrated its 5th year in the City of Everett this past week. Over the years, Grace Pantry has changed and grown; from 100 families being served a week to 3,000 families a week. The Pantry faced difficult challenges head-on brought by the coronavirus outbreak; focusing on the families first and their needs. The Pantry has made beautiful friendships and has become a family unto itself.

The Grace Food Pantry has been a key to keeping people fed and provided for during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the organization came to be long before the pandemic. This past week, Grace Pantry and its newfound “family” celebrated five years in existence on Church Street. Director Irene Cardello – pictured here with Connolly Center Director Dale Palma – said they have gone from serving 100 families five years ago to more than 3,000 now.

“I couldn’t begin to list or thank everyone from now to the start of Pantry but I thank God for all of you,” said Director Irene Cardello. “I thank God for supplying our needs, for His protection, His guidance and His provisions.

Without the support of our wonderful City, the Police, Mayor Carlo DeMaria,

our City leaders and the involvement of so many local businesses. We could never help so many especially now when it’s needed the most.”

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