Construction Begins for North Creek Restoration Project

As part of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s vision for revitalizing the Everett Waterfront, construction has begun to restore North Creek, a perennial stream and tributary of the Malden River.

A large section of the North Creek is currently being dredged of polluted sediment and will return the creek to its historic stream bed. In addition, the existing headwall will be replaced.

“By restoring stream flow, we will reduce flooding in the area, lower water temperatures, reduce containment, reduce invasive plants and restore aquatic habitat,” said the mayor. “All of these measures help to revitalize the Malden River and its tributaries and bring back native species. Rivers and streams are naturally resilient and by restoring the creek to its natural flow, we will soon see an increase in wild life, native plants and many more additional benefits.”

Equipment was onsite last week to excavate and uncover North Creek’s stream bed, by removing hundreds of years of sediment. Workers were able remove the depth of approximately two feet of sediment. By doing this it will increase stream flow in the creek, helping to alleviate flooding in the Air Force Road area, which drains to North Creek and into the Malden River.

This project is a part of a multi-benefit improvement North CreeK Restoration plan, to reduce flood risk, provide additional wildlife habitat and enhance Everett’s riverfront open space for the future.

Work is expected to be completed by the beginning of October. 

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