Mass Dads: Poll Finds State Is Best In Nation for Working Dads

Those who are dads in Massachusetts enjoy some of the best life-expectancy and working conditions in the nation, according to a study released this week by WalletHub.

It’s a fact that many can relax with and enjoy this Sunday as Father’s Day rolls around – and certainly there isn’t as much to celebrate as there has been in the past.

WalletHub measured 23 key indicators like work-life balance, the numbers of children in poverty where a father is in the home, life expectancy and child care services and found dads in the Bay State have it better than dads in any other area of the country.

“Massachusetts is the best state for working dads,” said Jill Gonzalez, an analyst for WalletHub. “It has one of the highest median family incomes, at over $96,000, the lowest unemployment rate for dads, and the second lowest share of kids under 18 with dad present who are living in poverty. The average freshman graduation rate for men in Massachusetts is also very high, above 86 percent. In terms of parental leave policies, the state got the highest score.”

Massachusetts dads were up at the top with those from Minnesota and Connecticut – followed by the District of Columbia and New Jersey.

Some of the best scores in the poll found that the state had the lowest unemployment rate for dads with kids younger than 18, and it was also the best in the nation for having the lowest male uninsured rate. Additionally, male life expectancy was 8th best in the nation, and the percentage of kids younger than 18 – with their dad present in the home – living in poverty was the second lowest in the country.

The average length of the work day for men in the state was 10th lowest as well, creating that #1 ranking for work-life balance.

Gonzalez said child care and health services for children also was measured and helped to propel the state as the best for dads.

“Child care is another important factor that contributed to Massachusetts topping the other states,” Gonzalez said. “It has the highest number of pediatricians per capita, high quality state school system, and a large share of nationally accredited child care centers. Some of the other strengths for the state include having the lowest male uninsured rate (3.5%), high male life expectancy, a low male suicide rate, as well as a small percentage of men who can’t afford doctor’s visits.”

The worst states for working dads were New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana and West Virginia.

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