Everett Food Pantry Feeding Thousands

An often overlooked side effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic is hunger, and the need for food safety has never been more important. Grace ministries of Everett is meeting that need by feeding thousands of families each month. 

 Last Saturday, Director Irene Cardillo organized a food donation drive where she gave away 40 thousand pounds of food. Cardillo says that when the pandemic began, she was feeding 3,000 families a month. Today, she is feeding 3500 families a week.

 With a team of volunteers, including Everett Police, Governor’s Council Member & Attorney Terry Kennedy, City Councilors, and Senate Republican Candidate Kevin O’Connor, hundreds were fed on Saturday.

 Along with fresh produce, meat, diapers, coffee, bread , pet food and masks were supplied. “Even though we’re in the middle of chaos and in a crisis, I see the best in people every day. That’s what motivates me to keep doing this work and serving those in need, those smiles, and the best in humanity “Cardillo said.

 New volunteer Republican US Senate candidate Kevin O’Connor said, “food security is especially important now, with shops closed and folks with health problems rightly cautious about going out. The folks at The Grace Food Pantry in Everett are meeting an important need. I was happy to lend a hand to their vital effort.”

 If you’re interested in helping or donating, please contact Grace Food Pantry on Church Street in Everett.

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