City Moving Outdoor Dining Regulations Fast, to Be Ready for Governor’s Order

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has signed temporary outdoor dining policies this week, and hopes to have interested business owners on board when, and if, Gov. Charlie Baker gives restaurants the right to open on June 8.

The executive order anticipates Gov. Baker’s Phase 2 plan to allow outside dining as a first step in re-opening the dining portion of the economy.

“It symbolizes further progress towards a full re-opening of the economy, as well as the resumption of a staple of social and community interaction,” read Mayor DeMaria’s statement. “Should Phase 2 begin on June 8, the City of Everett will be ready to begin this phase in accordance with the State guidelines when issued.”

Applications will become available as soon as the order issues, and there will be a virtual meeting on Zoom this Thursday, June 4, at 2 p.m. to discuss state guidelines for re-opening, as well as measures the City will be taking to assure the widest participation possible.

The idea of using outdoor space creatively has been discussed far and wide in cities where space is at a premium and restaurants are typically smaller. Being able to use a percentage of the indoor seating and expand creatively outdoor temporarily could potentially keep dining establishments afloat as they try to gain a re-opening foothold.

City Attorney Keith Slattery said they hope to have the Zoom meeting, get in applications, process them, and then be ready as soon as the governor okays the idea.

“The mayor wants to make sure when the governor gives the green light, we’re prepared,” he said. “That’s why we wanted to get them out early and get applications in.”

The mayor’s order takes effect on June 8 at 9 a.m.

Some of the stipulations in the order include the following:

•Outdoor seating shall be located on the same lot as or adjacent to the principal establishment provided the appropriate City permits and/or licenses have been obtained.

•When outdoor seating is located on a sidewalk adjoining the principal establishment there shall be a minimum four feet (4’) wide unobstructed passageway for pedestrians on the sidewalk. For the purposes of this section the measurement shall start from the building side edge of the sidewalk curbing.

•Nothing shall hang over the sidewalk (umbrellas, signs etc.) below seven (7’) feet.

•All outdoor seats, tables, and related furnishings must be removed and secured at the close of business daily. In the case of inclement weather, all outdoor furniture shall always be secured.

•No outdoor seating shall encroach upon any part of the sidewalk frontage of any adjacent property, business, or alley.

•This temporary ordinance will expire in conjunction with or in accordance to state and local orders.

To view the virtual meeting please go to

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