Colantuoni Celebrates One Year Free of Cancer with Car Parade

On Saturday, City Councilor, and candidate for State Representative, Michael McLaughlin and Patti Frati were invited to take part with about 40 friends and family members of Kim Colantuoni of Everett.

Kim’s daughter, Gianna, worked tirelessly and quietly behind the scenes to successfully put together the extraordinary event. The group met in the school lot of the Lafayette School and proceeded to Bradford Street in a car parade in celebration of Colantuoni’s one-year anniversary of overcoming breast cancer. “Kim is truly a leader among the leaders whether it is in her classroom at the Madeline English school or in her personal family as a wife, mother, daughter and friend,” said McLaughlin. “Kim is the kind of person that we can only hope to call as a friend throughout our lives. She is the first one always on the front line to help any individual who needs assistance. She goes above and beyond daily, to assist her students and ensuring that education is top priority and that they can continue to succeed. She is also the backbone and leader of her family.”

Kim’s daughter, Gianna, said her mother is a fighter and has proven the saying ‘When the times get tough, the tough get going.’

“My mom was faced with the diagnosis of breast cancer, but she never allowed it to slow her enthusiasm, optimistic, positive outlook in life,” she said.

Colantuoni faced her battle head-on day after day to ensure that she would overcome this hurdle. It was a proud time for her family and friends to celebrate her one-year anniversary cancer-free on Saturday.

McLaughlin said she is a true inspiration to all that know her, and he congratulated her on being cancer-free for one year.

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