City of Everett Creates Virtual Art Gallery

Mayor Carlo DeMaria, the Everett Cultural Council and the City of Everett are proud to announce a virtual art gallery.

This is the second installation of art from local and regional artists that was scheduled to be on display at Everett City Hall from April 1 to May 21, 2020.

“We are at a moment in time where everyone is searching for something positive and art has the ability to lift our spirits. I’m happy these wonderful artists are giving residents of Everett something beautiful to look forward to,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria.

The theme “Open Spaces, Favorite Places” asked artists to reflect on the open spaces in their lives. Favorite open spaces, places that spark thoughts, calm the mind, rejuvenate, energize, and inspire. Favorite places that lift you up or remind you of your place in this world.

The coordinator of the Cultural Council, Maria Josefson, worked closely with artists to upload their work online to be viewed virtually.

“While the Everett City Hall remains closed for the foreseeable future, the world of virtual living has been expanding by leaps and bounds. These uncertain times have been a hardship for us all to various degrees, so I thought the idea of sharing this call for art round’s beautiful submissions focused on nature, open spaces that bring comfort and enliven the senses would be a most welcome sight for many. The Everett Cultural Council is committed to keeping the spirit of art & culture in our community alive,” Josefson said.

The art gallery features 10 artists and 21 pieces. It can be viewed online at this website.

“The gravity of the current situation weighs heavily on everyone’s mind. On one hand, I do not want to dismiss, make light of where we are collectively. But on the other hand, offering moments of light and joy in this difficult moment, reminding folks of the spaces and places that bring them joy, that these places are there for us to take solace in, will hopefully provide a much needed perspective, a break from the depressing and anxiety-producing news cycle,” Josefson concluded.

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