Councilor McLaughlin Pulls Nomination Papers at State House

On Tuesday, February 11, Councilor Michael McLaughlin officially pulled Nomination Papers for of state representative.

After seven years on the City Council, learning daily the needs and desires of the local residents and business owners, Councilor McLaughlin said he is ready to work tirelessly to bring positive, independent leadership to the State House with his bosses, the residents and business owners, uppermost in his mind.

This past several days, Councilor McLaughlin has canvassed numerous neighborhoods, visited senior housing developments, and on Sunday, February 9, held his first organizational meeting at Nana’s Pizza on Main Street with nearly 50 of his most ambitious and excited supporters to kick-off the campaign.

McLaughlin said he looks forward to continuing to hear directly from the residents with whom he has a strong desire of serving. He is proud to have had the opportunity to collect the vast majority of the required nomination signatures within the first week to secure his name on the ballot for the Sept. 1 Democratic primary. The candidate is looking forward to the continuation of reaching out to every resident and business owner over the next several months, so that he can be the most effective, independent voice he can be in his new role. 

“I am thankful for the overwhelming support I have received from the past week and I am humbled by the outpouring of support that has been offered to-date,” he said. “This campaign is just getting started and I respectfully ask for consideration and assistance from everyone to introduce me to family, friends and neighbors.”

Anyone who would like more information about McLaughlin’s candidacy or to discuss in further detail his desire to serve the people of Everett from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, please feel free to contact him directly at 781-560-3791 or [email protected].

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