Letters to the Editor

Attend the Upcoming School Committee Candidate Forum

Dear Editor,

My name is Jessica Gold Boots and I am writing as a high school educator, Everett resident, and community activist to urge you to attend the upcoming School Committee Candidate Forum.  The first of its kind in Everett, the forum will be co-hosted by the Everett Education Coalition, La Comunidad, and the Everett Teachers Association and will take place on Tuesday, October 29, at 6 p.m. at the Connolly Center on 90 Chelsea St. Candidates Marcony Almeida-Barros, Frank Parker, Dana Murray, Dan Skeritt, Samantha Lambert, David Lindsey, Edgar Ruiz, and Robert Santacroce have already confirmed their attendance.

Why is this event so important to attend? Schools are the lifeblood of our community and Everett families deserve accountable, transparent public schools. Unfortunately, the only way Everett residents could hear from their School Committee in the past was to contact members personally. As any parent or guardian could attest, this is not always accessible to working families – and with no public comment at School Committee meetings, the silence from our community was deafening. At the Oct. 29 Candidate Forum – which will be broadcasted – candidates will answer questions about important factors affecting the EPS, including the future of the superintendent search. EPS had the same superintendent for over 30 years – what a critical moment for us to remind the School Committee about the kind of school leader we deserve.

Everett already has amazing educators and families, but the only way our schools can truly fulfill their potential is if every Everett resident shares their perspective and keeps our School Committee accountable and transparent. Will you consider joining the Everett Education Coalition and making your voice heard? We hope to see you there – and on Election Day, Tuesday, November 5.

Jessica Gold Boots

Educator and Everett Education Coalition activist

Amos Terrace

The Choice is an Easy One  

Dear Editor,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mike McLaughlin for the last 10 years. He is currently being challenged in Ward 6 for his council seat by a friend of the mayor. This does not come as a surprise since Mike is not afraid to take the administration to task if something doesn’t appear correct.

Mike McLaughlin is an honest, hard-working and a dedicated council member.  And he does his homework on issues that affect all of us.  He is a city council member that represents the voice of the residents at City Hall.

The City Council is there to be a watchdog for City Hall and its residents. 

If you want a Council member that will be that all-important watchdog, then vote for Mike McLaughlin.  If you want a Council member that represents the taxpayer, residents, renters and business community and school system, then you should vote for Mike McLaughlin. He is an independent voice that we desperately need at City Hall.

The choice is an easy one.  

 Steve Pinto

One Thing we can all agree on

Dear Editor,

We are elected officials and former candidates who have served or run for office in Ward Five. Although we may have shared our disagreements in the past, there’s one thing we can all agree on this year: we urge you to vote for Marcony Almeida-Barros for School Committee, Ward 5, which is voted citywide, this November 5.

Marcony was unanimously appointed to serve in place of Robert Carreiro, who sadly passed away before his term began. Marcony works for the Attorney General, where he’s the Director of Community Engagement and was previously an adjunct professor at Northeastern. 

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been impressed by the energy and effectiveness that Marcony has brought to the job, becoming a strong advocate for our schools and students.

He helped secure a $5,000 donation from the Cambridge Health Alliance Foundation to buy Chrome Books at the Devens School so students could practice for the MCAS test, which is now administered online.

Marcony fought for and won a $30,000 grant from the Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance to help Everett students whose families are in housing crisis, to cover emergency expenses for temporary food and lodging. This program has already helped improve graduation rates and lower absenteeism. Remarkably, he was able to renew the program for this school year, securing another $25,000 for our students, and it may become a model for similar programs across the state.

He also helped sponsor the Crimson Community, a mentoring program led by two former EHS graduates who plan match other Everett High graduates with students to help them navigate life after high school. A pilot program starts later this school year.

Finally, Marcony has been a constant presence at school events, taking the time to meet parents, students and educators and while remaining accessible to all – including starting monthly office hours to learn resident concerns.

We’ve followed Everett politics long enough to recognize a real asset to our community. We know voters want more passionate, experienced, and effective elected officials to serve our community. Thankfully, we’ve found one in Marcony.

We strongly support Marcony Almeida-Barros for School Committee, Ward 5, voted citywide.  

Lorrie Bruno,

former Councilor 

John Burley,

former Councilor 

Barbara J. Collins, former Alderwoman

and Councilor

Sandro Colarusso, former School

Committee Member

Don Conncannon, former School

Committee candidate

Rosa DiFlorio, current Councilor Ward Five 

Catherine Gover,

former Councilor

Tom Mills,

former Councilor 

Robert Van Campen, former Alderman and Councilor

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