Dr. Yee Says He Will Remain in Business for Now

Dr. John Yee has been caught in the middle of modern development.

After an announcement and public meeting about the apartment building development proposed for 600 Broadway – which also includes the home/office he operates out of at 596 Broadway – he was flooded with concerned calls from patients.

This week, he said he is not closing up any time soon, and if the development goes through, he will simply re-locate – not retire.

“The breaking of this news has caused confusion amongst my patients and I would like the opportunity for clarification,” he said. “I am not retiring and still plan to have an active medical practice elsewhere. I did not make any announcement as there was still the city planning and zoning hearings on October 28 and did not want to make any move until it was certain the sale was going to happen. I am in the process of contingency plans.”

Dr. Yee said he has been through development plans for his property several times, and none of them has worked out. So, he said, he is approaching these plans with caution and will remain open until something is approved and construction is ready to begin – which could be several years away.

Dr. Yee stressed to all that he is not leaving at the moment, and his practice will continue on for now until further notice.

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