Letter to the Editor

Appreciation for Everyone

Dear Editor,

I wanted to say thank you and a tremendous amount of appreciation for everyone who voted for me. I understand the challenges faced by working and low-income individuals and families. That’s Everett. That is why this seat is not about me, but my commitment to making sure everyone has a better quality of life.

I want to represent you by fighting for better resources in our city, including creating better economic development, public safety, affordable housing, youth programs, and protecting our seniors. I have the experience and drive to be a different kind of City Councilor. I am concerned with creating sustainable improvements in Everett rather than advancing their career.

One of the reasons why I want to be your City Councilor is how we talk about economic development and what it means for Everett. I have witnessed the financial woes, and how it influences crime and the veracity of anxiety on safety for its residents! We have the casino money coming while conversations of tax increases. I, personally, grew up in a Haitian household, who worked hard for every penny brought in the home, while working minimum wage and 2-3 jobs. They were able to buy their first home, afford their three children through private schools, and help give back to the community. We need to help our community where they shouldn’t be working 2-3 jobs to make it through. I will strive to create more well-paying jobs for residents of Everett while ensuring that the opportunities within the city are fair. Actively pursuing policies and consistently reaching out to entrepreneurs and businesses owners to encourage the establishment and growth, which will bring more jobs to the community.  I want to aid in finding better employment as well as job training and career development programs.

Please vote for me, Gerly Adrien, on Tuesday, November 5. Please learn more about me at www.gerlyadrien.com or call me at 617-835-8267. May God bless you all.

Gerly Adrien

Candidate for Council at-large

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