Letter to the Editor

One of our best

Dear Editor,

I want to thank all those sponsors, performers, vendors, volunteers, municipal workers and residents for making the 5th Annual Village Fest one of our best.

I am honored and humbled that we were able to once again bring some of the greatest musicians in the world to Everett. We will continue to bring talented artists and musicians to our city. We are growing businesses in Everett and attracting new ones through events like Village Fest, and we are also fostering the ambitions of creative and entrepreneurial resident’s right here. Everett is becoming a destination city for visitors from abroad, visitors from across the country, and visitors from cities next door.

We are a national model of urban revitalization. The beauty of our revitalization is that we are doing it together. Thank you all for giving me a chance to highlight our great city once again.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria

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