New Ornamental Lighting Installation Begins On Broadway

The City has begun the first phase installation of ornamental street lights along Broadway – a project that will eventually provide continuity from one end of Broadway to the other.

City Planner Tony Sousa said it was the first phase of the lighting program, and will take about six to eight weeks to install more than 40 lights from Sweetser Circle to Hancock Street.

One of the new ornamental lights installed on Broadway this week as part of Phase 1 of the new ornamental lighting program. The program will eventually install lights from Sweetser Circle to the Malden line.

“We really appreciate the support of the mayor and the City Council on this project,” he said. “We couldn’t have done it without their funding. It’s going to really change the feel of Broadway, providing continuity and enhancing the streetscape. It’s the little things, and all of them are coming together now.”

Mayor Carlo DeMaria has long supported the idea of expanding the ornamental lighting program since Lower Broadway was outfitted several years ago. The new lights are the same specifications as the Lower Broadway lights, but will be shorter to fit the street.

“I am more than excited,” said the mayor. “This is a great step forward in the revitalization of Everett Square. The addition of these Ornamental Lights will complement our ongoing streetscape improvements.”

Sousa said the first phase will be complimented by the second phase, which will continue placing the lights from Hancock to the Malden line. They will jump into that project as soon as the first phase is completed.

All of the lighting will include banners, planters and are tied to the overall vision for Everett Square.

The funding for the program came from the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

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