BearMoose Brewing Latest Entry to the Everett Craft Beer Scene

Beer lovers who like variety and something new – or tried and true – will find a home on Revere Beach Parkway where BearMoose Brewing Company has now opened and become the newest entry in the thriving Everett brewery scene.

Business partners Jeff Wetzel and Drew Gilman worked through the winter in their massive space on the Parkway next to the Psychic Boutique to create the City’s newest taproom that will be devoted to IPAs, Ales and a lot of fun experimentation.

Jeff Wetzel of BearMoose Brewing Company, and Ian McGregor of Deep Cuts Deli (which is located in the brewery), at the newest addition to the Everett brew scene. The new brewery opened up June 29, and has been a spark on the Parkway from the get-go.

“We have five beers on tap at the moment, but we definitely want to do more as we go,” said Wetzel. “We want to have a lot of variety and to have a new beer available every time someone comes in. That’s one of our goals…Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing how much to make and how fast people will drink your beer. We’re on the good end because after our first two weeks, we needed to make more beer. I had to make an extra batch of our IPA. We’ve been flying through that.”

They add the first spark of innovation to the Parkway, which now boasts the new Pioneer apartment community and the EnVision Hotel as well. All three, combined with other things like the resurgence of Richie’s Slush shop have brought some fun to what was purely industrial and automotive only a few years ago.

BearMoose got its final approvals from the City on in late June and had its first opening day on June 29, with opening hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday to Sunday. Over their first two days, and then an entire weekend program over the holiday, things have gone quite well.

And after having built out most of the space themselves, the feeling of inviting everyone in was quite invigorating, Wetzel said.

“My business partner and I built everything in here except the plumbing and electrical,” he said. “We built the bar and installed the brewing equipment while still working our day jobs and that meant coming here after work and staying until 3 a.m. … It was simply surreal the first weekend. It feels like we’ve been working on this place for so long. Then just see actual people in here drinking the beer was incredible. It’s still sinking in.”

Unlike other breweries, BearMoose has no intention to distribute its product through canning or kegs or other such measures. They will only be a taproom, with the option in the next few weeks to filling growlers to take home. Beyond that, it will be a place for people to come experience a steady menu of favorites with a constant flow of new and interesting things.

“We’re going to have a lot of seasonal stuff and a lot of experimental things,” he said. “In addition to our regular equipment, we have a 1.5 barrel system for pilot batches. That will be good for cranking out one-offs and not having to brew 300 gallons of a batch that we don’t want that much of.”

Right now, they have two 10-barrel fermenters, and three five-barrel systems. Next week, they plan to add three more 10-barrel systems. It leaves them a lot of capacity to brew some of their staples, such as their most popular brew, Hazy Bandit – a New England IPA. They also have a Brut IPA named Psychic Brut-ique, paying homage to their neighbor next door. They also have a toned down porter, called Summa Porta, which gives the dark beer experience in a refreshing summer way.

“Everyone loves New England IPAs,” he continued. “Hazy Bandit is our take on that. It’s a little subtler than others. It doesn’t have that harsh hop burn to it. It’s fresh and fruity with a mango and citrus touch. That’s been our most popular so far.”

In the future, they do hope to have live music and events – as well as trivia nights and other fun things. Right now, they feature Deep Cuts Deli in house as part of the brewery, serving sandwiches and homemade bar snacks – all done by restaurant veteran Ian McGregor.

Wetzel said they are, in the sum of it all, very excited to be part of the Everett brewing scene and believe they fit in as another option.

“We want to focus on having a good taproom experience,” said Wetzel. “We want it to be fun and enjoyable. There are a lot of good places to drink beer in Everett. There are several breweries right at our back door. We are very excited to be here, to be part of that, and we hope people know BearMoose as a place for fun and to come and relax.”

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