Revolution Axe to Open to the Public June 27, Ribbon Cutting June 26

At long last, the axis of axes will land its tip in Everett.

Revolution Axe Throwing announced this week that it would be opening to the public on June 27 in the Fermentation District next to SkyZone – with the build out on the location now complete and ready for business.

“Obviously we had some delays and obstacles,” said co-owner Greg DiLullo of Revolution, which first proposed their business in 2017. “ It took time and we wanted to make sure it was right and we were ready. We really transformed the location into a place that really works and has a great vibe to it that we’re really excited about…Our timeline now is we have the City coming in for a ribbon cutting ceremony on June 26th…After that, we’ll have our grand opening weekend. We plan to open our doors to the public on June 27 through June 30.”

Axe throwing is a very popular past-time these days, and was popularized in Canada many years ago as a backyard game. Since then, it has become a popular game at axe throwing galleries in the U.S., with Revolution being one of the first to open in the Greater Boston area. It is set up much like a bowling alley, but with protective cages, and DiLullo said there would be coaches with every group to help with safety and technique.

There are 10 targets at Revolution in five bays, and they can handle five groups at a time. Each group is comprised of six to 12 people. The costs would be $45 per person for two hours of throwing. It is an age 18-plus operation.

The plan for the gallery emerged in 2017, but hit a snag with the License Board for some time due to the request for a beer and wine license. With such a new activity, alcohol and axes didn’t immediately seem uniquely compatible.

However, after a great deal of conversation, License Commissioners did allow the license to go through, and DiLullo said they demonstrated that there is a tremendous safety record in the industry, even with alcohol being served.

“We have the industry standard cages,” he said. “It’s a full-cage layout. We are associated with the NATF. There are a lot of axe throwing places that pop up, but few are associated with NATF. That organization has 35 million axes thrown with no accidents.”

DiLullo said the City has been wonderful in helping them along the way, and being accommodating to a new industry and a new type of pastime.

Already, DiLullo said they are working with Bone Up Brewery, and also with Village Bar & Grill for food options. In the future, DiLullo said they hope to have leagues for eight weeks at a time, and they also hope to have walk-in hours in the future.

“We have a really great staff ready to come in and teach people how to do this,” he said. “The space is beautiful, perfect for axe throwing and we’re ready to go.”

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